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In the header, we include Authorization: Basic ( base64 encoded username. If you logout from CRM, POSTMan will obviously no longer be able to issue the requests and will return 401 instead. Browser requests the required page; The server responds with HTTP 401 ( Unauthorized) and provides a. The key specified in the authorization header must be the Server key or Legacy Server key shown in the Firebase console tab for Project Settings > Cloud Messaging. The Web API key shown on the Project Settings > General tab will not work. Wise Type Error Look It This ' Image' File". [ ` require( APPPATH. ' / libraries/ REST_ Controller. class API extends REST_ Controller { / / API METHOD / / function user_ get( ) { if(! $ this- > get( ' ID' ) ) { $ this- > response( NULL, 400) ; }. The resulting 401 is trying to launch, I assume, Chrome' s authentication dialogue box - which never appears causing Postman to look like it' s still. If you do get a 401, Postman should display the response with the error code. App Details: Postman for Windows Version 5. 14393 / x64 Issue Report: Did you encounter this recently, or has this bug always been there: Been there since the new native app, worked fine in Chrome app.

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    basic authentication passes in postman, it passes when i login through harvests webpage but dont passes in my c# code. What is wrong in my code. When i use another account with the same uri. the error comes om the beginning I have used a two step process with Digest Authentication build the request build the request from Firebug and send it and get the 401 copy the nonce and sometimes the opaque into the digest fields RS needed to be added as an additional header on the back end. The 401 Unauthorized error is an HTTP status code that means the page you were trying to access cannot be loaded until you first log in with a valid user ID and password.